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Hire an Interior Designer: 10 Essential Questions to Ask Them

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Are you planning to get on board with professional interior designers in UAE for your commercial or residential interior renovation project? Entrusting the responsibility of an interior design project where your money and property’s value are involved to someone’s hand indeed has some risks! 

You want to choose something other than a designer who seems professional but fails to meet your expectations, right? That is why you need to be wise enough while narrowing down your choices to opt for the best designer.

If the task seems overwhelming, note these ten questions to enquire about your chosen interior designer team. If the answers are satisfactory and give you positive vibes that they can pull off your project flawlessly, mark them as your best bet!

Top Questions to Ask Your Interior Designer 

Maintaining transparency is the key to any successful project, and interior design is no exception. So do not hesitate to ask anything before concluding. Here, we have curated a list of the top 10 questions that can help you determine the reliability and expertise of the designers.

What interior design services do they offer?

Each interior design project has its unique needs and criteria. While some people prefer to make minor tweaks in the flooring style or wall accents, others seek a complete renovation program by crumbling down the existing design. Therefore, before acquiring residential or commercial interior design services in Dubai, the first and foremost question to put forward is the type of interior design solutions they specialise in. 

  • Can they restructure the layout or guide you about space planning and suitable design concepts?
  • Beyond layout, can your interior designer also advise on furniture selection?
  • Do they have expertise in Color psychology, best material selection, and finishing?

If your selected service provider resolves all these queries, you are good to team up with them!

Have they worked on similar projects, and can they show a portfolio of their work? 

Suppose you plan to revamp your apartment in an industrial design or want a pastoral theme for your café. Enquire the professional designer if they have worked on a similar project before. They have worked on such projects. Your next move is to ask them to show you their portfolio of previous work on similar projects. 

A renowned interior design company will always have its portfolio ready to showcase its work. The portfolio can give you an instant idea of how they will handle your project and the possible outcome. Going through the portfolio can also give you a rough idea about budgeting. You can subtly ask them for a tentative cost of achieving a design from their portfolio and plan your project and its budgeting accordingly. 

Can you expect VIRTUAL interior design services in Dubai from their end?

Virtual design solutions are quite the trend. The 3D models help avoid costly design disasters, providing peace of mind. The idea of virtual design is to implement your imagination into action, but virtually. Once you approve the designs and are ready to proceed with them, the interior designers in UAE will start working on the project.

As they say, ‘Forewarned is forearmed. So, suppose you figure out the design mistakes beforehand through the virtual model. In that case, you can work with the professional team to improvise the design, saving money and downtime and requiring touch-ups. So, your prime goal is to find a designer who encourages virtual design models.   

Do they have local contractors in their network?

The interior designers you hire are only in charge of planning, plotting, and final execution. They will list the materials they need for the project, and you are responsible for supplying them. Now, finding a top-tier raw material supplier is again another challenge. The structural integrity and durability of the design solely depend on the quality of the material.

Established companies providing consultation interior design services in Dubai often have connections with local contractors. This could be a win for you as you can expect a discount and won’t have to work hard to find a reliable raw material supplier. 

Are they aware of local building codes, laws, and regulations?

Dubai’s building codes are strict; even a tiny interior modification requires a NOC from the community developer. The type of permit you need for your renovation project depends on the modification work. It would help if you met the local building guidelines for significant alterations like interior restructuring.

So, your next question about interior designers is their knowledge and understanding of building codes, design, and modifications. You don’t want to get involved in any type of legal conflict, right? So, make sure that your selected professional and their designs comply with environmental regulations and adhere to community standards.  

What is their fee structure, and does it fit your needs?

Your budget defines the success of the project. If you finalise the deal just after getting a quote, you are likely to encounter problems midway through the project. It would help if you were always lucid about the budget and fee structure of the Dubai residential or commercial interior design services in Dubai you opt for. 

You will hear about three fee structures: flat rate, hourly rate, or a certain percentage of the project cost. The third one is pretty rare, so consider the first two options. The hourly rate is acceptable if you can maintain communications consultation and monitor the project progress daily. 

But if you are caught up in your schedule and need help maintaining the design time, the flat rate fee structure can be your go-to choice.  

How proficiently do they handle project timelines and deadlines?

Timelines and deadlines are essential aspects to consider in commercial interior design projects. Suppose you have planned a particular date to inaugurate your café or restaurant. Still, your appointed professionals fail to meet the deadline, and your project remains incomplete! 

To avoid such circumstances, be specific about the timelines and deadlines and ask whether the professional team can manage to make it on time. Enquire about the team size and emergency staff for a better idea. Additionally, ask the interior designers in UAE if they are flexible with last-minute changes. 

How do they get started with a design project?

Inquiring about budgeting, project timeframe, and team size is fine, but what is more important to ask is how they got started. A good designer will have a well-defined process for onboarding new clients. Mostly, a good designer will begin with a comprehensive discussion of your vision, goals, budget, and timeline for the project. 

The design team will then supposedly visit your space for in-person measurements and site assessments. After that, they will prepare a proposal outline or quote mentioning their services, fees, and a preliminary design concept. If their answer includes all these points, you have chosen the right company for your project. 

What do they consider as must-haves in interior design?

Asking this question will give you a clear idea of the designers’ preferences and how they can align with your personalized renovation project. While some professionals like to stick to neutral pallets and elements, such as wooden hues and texture, others prioritize stone tiles and solid colours. Their answer can help you understand whether the company is the right fit for your project. 

How’s their industry presence? Do they have a good reputation in the industry?

Now, you need to figure this out on your own by delving into their Google ratings. Suppose they have received good feedback from their previous clients and possess’ solid ratings. In that case, there’s no reason to doubt their reliability. 

At the same time, go through their official site to determine whether they are insured and bonded. If it needs to be mentioned on the website, ask them personally.  When a company is insured and bonded, they are responsible for covering up if any mishap occurs during the renovation program. 

Wrapping Up

An interior designer can assist in crafting a space that perfectly embodies your style and preferences. So, ask away, collaborate effectively, and shape your dream project perfectly! Among the vast sea of options, choosing skilled interior designers in the UAE can be overwhelming. However, this set of 10 questions gives you a clear insight into an interior designer’s intuition, expertise, and professionalism. Choose at least 3 to 4 interior designers, and refine your choices with the above-listed questions!


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