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How To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger and Spacious: 13 Incredible Ideas to Look Forward To!

Who does not want a super lavish home? In a place like Dubai, where luxury is paramount, having a bigger and more spacious living room is essential. With the magic of interior design, there is nothing like transforming your old living room into a beautiful one by adding sophisticated air to the space. By compiling a perfect blend of dramatic and classy looks in minimalistic modernization. Just as in the choice of furniture, accessories, or appropriate lighting, it is possible to make the living room ‘dive’ into real luxury. Make your living room look bigger and spacious with these interesting tips. Consult a professional interior designer to get the consultancy and achieve your goal of adding life to your living room with aesthetic interior and accessories that define you.

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13 Ideas To Make Your Living Room Look Bigger and Spacious 

Ditch the Drapes 

Drapes create hindrances if not properly planned. Using floor-to-ceiling drapes creates an illusion of a taller and more spacious room. Additionally, opt for nude shade palettes such as Whites, Creams, Grays, and other pastels. Moreover, use fabrics like sheer, and semi-sheer that increase the flow of the natural light into your living room making it more airy and spacious. Use solid colours, subtle patterns, minimalistic fixtures, and tailored-fit drapes. Hire a professional interior designer to ensure a harmonious and elegant look.          

White and Nude Walls 

White colour works like a magic wand when it comes to interior design. Also, pastels can be rich in creating an amusing ambiance and curating an inviting aura. Also, the natural canvas is versatile, brings a seamless look, and creates an illusion of continuity. Moreover, light colours are reflective and the room feels lighter.    

Pick the Right Furniture 

The next hack to make your living room look bigger and spacious is to furnish it. Finding the right furniture with aesthetic appeal and functionality is required to create a perfect and lively living room. It might sound interesting as you read, but it is quite a task. To make this process easier and avoid revisions, consult a professional interior designer. Moreover, while going through furniture buying take into consideration factors like comfort, quality, safety, and space optimization.      

Maximize storage Potential 

Storage plays a huge role in decluttering. While you aim for a bigger and spacious living room, managing a good storage capacity is highly important. Here are some ways to achieve that:

  1. Adding in-built shelves in furniture and walls.
  2. Vertical storage creates the illusion of a taller room.    
  3. Declutter regularly using storage bins, baskets, boxes, etc.  
  4. Hire the best interior designer for specific storage solutions.
  5. Creating an effective entrance/hallway is another hack to maximize the storage

A Gallery Wall 

A gallery wall is a great aesthetic to add to your living room.  With customization, personal expression, enhancing visual interest, and balancing your living room, this is the best way to make it look bigger. Such an addition to your space draws attention and is more like a storytelling board. Also, you can cherish your memories captured there. This gallery wall not only makes your wall a statement, rather it is also filled with meaningful narratives. Consult a professional interior designer to help you out with:

  1. The Layout plan,
  2. Mix and match artwork, photographs, and other elements.
  3. Maintaining a consistent theme
  4. Adequate spacing
  5. Level and alignment

Lighting Effects 

Another hack to make your living room look bigger and spacious effects. Lighting has a profound effect on a living room. It not only creates an ambiance but also decides the atmosphere and works on your mood. A very rich bright light might hurt your head no matter how beautiful it looks. Create an inviting aura with beautiful pieces and just the right texture. Additionally, adding automation and technological upgrades makes your home look smarter and more luxurious. Also, you can add a stroke of elegance to your residential interior design with a quick fixes section on our website.

Things to consider while you add lighting effects:

  1. Use a mix of light sources: from floor lamps, and table lamps, to wall scones create a balance.
  2. Positioning matters the most.
  3. Mirrors and glossy surfaces can add to reflections and make the room brighter.
  4. Experiment with different styles and types of fixtures.   

Mirrors to Add Elegance  

Mirrors are beneficial in creating illusions. The vibrant art makes the room feel brighter and spacious and amplifies natural lights. Placing mirrors strategically creates a wider effect. Additionally, lower ceilings illuminate your room into a taller one and serve the purpose of making your living room bigger and spacious. Moreover, mirrors like full length near the hallway provide functionality. Say, a last-minute check before you get out and visually expand the smaller area. With mirrors adding balance and symmetry, it glam up your residential interior design.

Simplicity is the Key 

Minimalism has been in trend recently. For a clean, glamorous, and aesthetic look, let “less is more” do the talking. Again, it is not as easy as it appears, making a neat and clean which is also functional is quite a task. Consult the best interior designer to decorate your living room. 

Right Rugs are Crucial  

This making your living room look bigger and spacious hack is quite an intelligent one. Here, all you have to do is strategic space planning and choose the right rugs. This is the best way to enhance visual continuity. Moreover, things a professional interior designer can help you here with:

  1. Size and placement  
  2. Colours and patterns to choose
  3. Area specification

Scope for Natural Lighting 

Letting in a better flow of natural lighting enhances the visual appeal. The ultimate hack is “Better the sunlight, happier the mood.” The flow of natural light adds a sense of openness, airiness and makes the living room look bigger and spacious. Additionally, a professional touch with the best interior designer in Dubai.

Consistent Flooring to make the living room bigger and spacious

Another idea to make your living room look bigger and spacious is consistent flooring. Consistent flooring is easy to maintain and again, creates a perfect illusion of a large space. Make it more expansive using hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpet. Additionally, a residential interior designer does wonders with your living room decor.    

Transparent Room Dividers 

Using transparent room dividers like glass partitions, acrylic screens, and a sliding door is the key. This interior design idea is easy to maintain, flexible, and lightweight. Also, this creates a sync of styles, colours, and materials. Moreover, the transparent room dividers are versatile. Further, a professional interior designer can help in finding the right shade and planning it better.   

Simplify Windows 

Simple is cool but hard enough to achieve. It is the key to following the trend and blending luxury and comfort. Sleek and stylish windows are modern and easy to operate. They go well with neutral colours like white, black, and grey. Moreover, consult the best residential interior designer in Dubai.


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